Sandnsol Destin Vacation Rental

Fishing Charters

There’s a reason Destin is known as the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village”. Fisherman have been coming here for hundreds of years because of the easy access to an abundance of fish that run through the deep waters of the gulf. In most parts of the gulf, it takes twice as long to reach these desirable waters.  Home to over 140 fishing boats, Destin has the largest fishing vessel fleet in Florida, which is lucky for you!  Now you can experience this  yourself.  You can find  charters anywhere from 4-12 hours, depending on your needs. 

Fishing Charter

Private Charters

These are ideal for a small group of friends who would like personal attention from the crew.  You can charter a private fishing trip for around $100 per hour and take about 6 people.

Group Charters

Similar to private charters, group charters take around six people as well, but they won’t necessarily be people you know.  If there are just a couple of you who want to go, sign up at the dock  and split the cost with others who join your trip. 

Party Boats

This is a larger fishing excursion on a boat that can take up to 40 people.  You lose the personal attention from the crew, but have fun making new friends.  These are popular because they are affordable and you catch a lot of fish!