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How We Have a Lazy Day in Destin

lazy beach day Destin

Beach towns like Destin are the ultimate location if you want to have a lazy day, but with so many activities, it is easy to forget that you’re here to relax.  Ask any teenager, and they will tell you that sleeping in is the first step to having a lazy day. Once we do rouse ourselves out of bed, we grab a bathrobe, a glass of juice or cup of coffee and have a seat on the balcony.  The sound of the waves is mesmerizing, no thinking required! Combine that with a deep breath of the salty air, and we’re off to a great start.  Be careful though, it’s easy to fall asleep again if you’re laying in a chaise or hammock!

Eventually, as others begin to stir, we succumb to the call of the ocean. It’s time to put on a suit, and head out to the beach.  We remember to pack a cold drink, sunscreen & sunglasses, a good book, beach towel and maybe a kite on our way out.  Once on the beach, we locate the chairs, launch the kite, tie it to the umbrella stand, and settle in with a book for more relaxation.

beach chair destin
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After a while, it’s good to stretch the legs with a casual walk up and down the beach.  We keep our eyes open for interesting shells along the way. Upon returning, we enjoy a cold drink and a snack while watching the dolphins and people play in the emerald green waters.

Before heading in for the day, we take in the beautiful sunset.  Pizza and wine on the balcony round out another lazy day at the beach.sunset sparkles destin

Finally, as dusk turns to darkness, we take in yet another amazing site. If we’re lucky enough to have a full moon, the ocean sparkles with the moon’s reflection.


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